About Us

A Christian family-owned business coming from a heart of love and enjoying having people into our home while living in the Caribbean. It was a pleasure to fuss and pamper our visitors on a weekly basis and hear lots of laughter while the sweet aroma of food lingers in the air.

It started when exploring menus and preparing rooms for a visiting family and guests and feeling that stir of satisfaction and joy to hear people give heartfelt ‘thank yous’ for making them feel so homely and welcomed.

From there we went on a quest to always have guest over for our children and just for anyone who was in distress and needs somewhere for the night. We then launched Cozy Guests house, Florida. Spreading from the beautiful island of Jamaica in the Caribbean through South Florida.

Each room and atmosphere is designed to create a tranquil, peaceful environment.

It’s a place where One can come and study, recover from treatment, plan ahead for projects, transition to a new location, clear their head and rejuvenate the soul.

Several rooms available to meet your accommodation and budget needs opened since 2018 COZY GUEST HOUSE, Florida provides the same amenities offered in a hotel for a lot less cost.
Professionally cleaned and fumigated after each guest departure. High traffic areas are disinfected every hour and mask mandated and shared spaces hand sanitizer provided at entrance of doors.
serving the Airbnb, Home Away, VRBO and TripAdvisor for many years.